It is a fluorine type grease based on PFAE which is chemically the most stable liquid and using PTFE as a thickener. It can be used under severe conditions such as high temperature, low temperature, under chemicals. With conventional hydrocarbon grease and synthetic oil type grease, we realize lubrication in areas where it is impossible to obtain sufficient performance.


It is extremely excellent in heat resistance and low temperature, and it can be used at -30 to 250 ° C. Evaporation loss is low even under high temperature conditions, softening does not flow out, and there is little generation of residue. Besides ordinary temperature, it is excellent in shear stability and oxidation stability even at high temperature, realizing super longevity lubrication. Because it has chemical inertness, it has little influence on metal, resin, rubber and so on.


High temperature lubricated parts such as bearings of trolley conveyor of painting drying line, lubricating corrugated machine of sliding part , resin molding machine, tire vulcanizer. Lubricating part affected by chemicals such as chemical equipment and plating line. Lubricating parts of various gas appliances.

Representative property table

Appearance White
Base oil Fluoro oil
Solid lubricant PTFE
Thickener PTFE
Consistency 270
Operating temperature limit -30 to 250 ° C
Type of packing 100 g × 10 can
1 kg 1 can