Looseness of screw, rust, leakage prevention agent

Asoolite was developed by Hiroku of our company as a locking agent for screws by applying technology, we are using special polymer as the main component, so it has excellent chemical resistance, oil resistance and other tolerance properties . Just by applying Asololite to the threaded part and tightening the bolt, it completely prevents "slack" due to vibration and prevents leakage of liquids and gas from the threaded part, as well as demonstrating rust prevention effect. Asoolite can be removed with a comparatively low force (10% to 20% increase in clamping force), it is optimum as a locking agent to the part where screws are removed by parts repair, maintenance etc.

Item name Color Viscosity CPS Uses and others
CX-31 Blue 5000-10000 Release property for plastics
CX-35 Colorless transparent 500-1000 For plastic and metal screw lock
CX-35G Green 300-700 Low viscosity of CX-35
CX-50 Red 500-1000 Plastic and metal screw lock