“CUREZOL,” which is a kind of imidazole and an epoxy resin curing agent, provides excellent characteristics when used for Glass epoxy laminate and Epoxy Molding Compound. It is used for a wide variety of applications, including electric and electronic parts, paints, adhesives, construction materials, and sporting goods.


Epoxy curing agent or accelerator

※Polyurethane foam catalyst,Polyimide polymerization catalyst, antirust agent, rubber accelerator, flux activator, etc.

Application as a curing accelerator

  • As an accelerator for acid anhydrides
  • As an accelerator for dicyandiamide (DICY)
  • As a phenolic accelerator
  • As a co-curing agent in combination with amines

Properties as curing agent for epoxy resin

  • Only adding a small amount (1 to 10 phr) of this catalyst type curing agent, unlike polyaddition type curing agents, can prevent the viscosity of compounds from increasing even if CUREZOL in solid form is selected.
  • Cured products with excellent heat resistance can be obtained from heat treatment in a relatively short time.
  • CUREZOL, which is low in volatility, is considered less toxic than other amines.
  • Widely available to improve properties, with low curing temperature and long pot life.
  • Because of single substance, no distribution of molecule weight provides stable properties.