Hot runner (Runnerless system for thermoplastic resin)

As a hot runner pioneer Seiki can meet customer's various kinds of needs quickly. We have high seeds, wealth of experience and full product line-up.

  1. Both Seiki's Valve system and Spear System work for all kinds of thermoplastic resin.
  2. Our original design always keeps hot runner part in even temperature distribution.
  3. Its system principle solves typical problems related to hot runner such as material burning, material leakage, gate clogging, stringing, drooling, gate balancing, troublesome maintenance.

Valve Gate System

Its unique guide mechanism surely protect the valve pin and the gate, while assuring its preciseness.

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Spear System

Spear probe has long service life because of its thermal valve principle having no sliding part.

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Our manifold features a superb energy savings with its weight minimized but without compromising the main functions.

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Hot half

Our precision Hot half comes ready to bolt directly onto the cavity plate for sampling, which help a customer expedite scheduling.

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High-performance digital controller accurately controls Valve Gate or Spear System.

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